Expression Occasional Table ROT-6060

On this picture: ROT-6060

Expression Occasional Table - ROT-6060


  • Square Occasional Table
  • Regular Top ¾"
  • 60" x 60"

Available profile


¾" Thickness

Available apron

Available legs

C / E

F / G






Available height / leg sizes


Table height: 16"
Leg size: 2 ¾"


Table height: 18"
Leg size: 2 ¾"


Table height: 22"
Leg size: 2 ¾"


Table height: 29 ¾"
Leg size: 2 ¾"


Table height: 36"
Leg size: 3 ¼"


Table height: 42"
Leg size: 3 ¼"
Not available for legs H & R

Wood colours and finishes choices

Wipe Stained Finish

The stained finish is carefully wiped by hand by our craftsmen to highlight the natural grain of wood.

Wipe Stained Brushed Finish

Available only on table, buffet and bench tops with profiles D or E and Everest table tops (TBTE | TBERE), Denali tops (TBDRE) and Live Edge tops (TBBLE).

Chamois Finish

The Chamois finish creates rich, smooth, shimmering feel without any distressing. It is the perfect finish to enhance different shades and patterns of wood grain.

Opaque Finish

The Opaque finish (previously called Antique) is a paint finish that masks the wood grain to create a perfectly modern look.

Worn Finish

Sand Through Finish

The Sand Through finish is distressed and embossed, with edges and corners individually sanded by hand to give them a soft, warm feel.

Heirloom Finish

The Heirloom finish is characterized by a distressed look with random dents typical of furniture handed down from one generation to the next.

Rustic Finish

The Rustic finish is distressed and embossed with nicks, dents, marks, cracks and scratches that are characteristic of timeworn furniture.

Old Finish

The Old finish lets the natural grain of wood seep through. It is hammered, nailed, scrapped and chipped randomly, making it look good.

Century Finish

The Century finish is distressed and embossed with dents, cracks and chips to give wood a warm, inviting century-old look.


  • Square Occasional Table
  • Regular Top ¾"
  • 60" x 60"